We have been operating in the market for more than 18 years, and we have developed an acting experience in several different sectors. We have our solutions installed, for example, in civil construction, security, transportation and goods distribuition companies, passanger transport and driving schools.

Based on a solid know-how in software, firmware and hardware development, we put technologically advanced products on the market. These products are intended for companies, individuals, and the domotics sector. For companies, we have developed fleet management products, such as Frotasoft, NVEscolas driving lessons monitoring, NVIridium remote management and monitoring of vehicles, trucks and boats and Tank Control, a solution for fuel tank protection and monitoring. For individuals, we developed GSM/GPS equipments for vehicles and motorcycles location, such as NVAuto, NVAuto Plus and NVMoto. In the domotics sector, we have developed TC24 and TC48, GSM units that allow communication between the user and the installed device.

We are the only players involved in the development of our products and we have all the necessary conditions to produce for other companies that want to outsource their services. As we are the only responsible for the design, manufacture, and marketing of our products, we guarantee a high quality standard of the same and we offer guarantee to all our costumers.




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